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Ministry Helps Refugees Create a New Life in U.S.

EAST GREENWICH, RI (July 8, 2010) – The Burmese refugees don’t know until just days before they arrive in the United States that this country will be their new home. They know nothing of the language, its customs, or even about modern appliances. Poor, largely uneducated, and persecuted by their native country, most have spent at least a decade living in refugee camps established in Thailand.

Associate Pastor Killed, Member Injured in Bus Crash

Associate Pastor Kyu Bum “Kenny” Ye was killed. Member Gary Parrett (accompanying photo), who is professor of Educational Ministries and Worship at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, is in critical condition following surgery to repair a brain hemorrhage. Parrett also serves as chair of the Ministry of the Church Division at the seminary. He served as a part-time pastor at Highrock from 2003-2004.