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Discovering God the Good, Good Father

Choose and Choose Again is a mosaic of personal stories collected by author and Covenant pastor J. Kevin Butcher, who founded Hope Community Church in Detroit, Michigan. The stories he shares (as well as his own testimony) display the complexities of people who live their lives as prisoners and prostitutes, as well as those who are lawyers and in business.

Serving Those Who Serve

Women in ministry have been shifting the church’s image of pastoral leadership and are answering the call to serve in a wide variety of contexts. Thirty years ago, the Covenant endorsed a woman as a military chaplain for the first time. Women have been following this unique call ever since.

T-shirts decorated by sexual assault survivors (or friends or survivors) are displayed on the South Green as part of "The Clothesline Project". Each color stands for something different. White: A memorial for women who have died because of sexual violence. Red, pink, or orange: For women whohave been raped or sexually assaulted. Yellow, beige, tan or brown:For women who have been battered or physically assaulted. Blue or green: For women who are survivors of incest of child abuse. Purple or lavender: For women who have been assaulted because of sexual orientation. Black: An open color.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Activities Suggested

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and Yvonne DeVaughn, the director of Advocacy for Victims of Abuse, says there are a number of activities churches can do to show support for people who have suffered violence and to draw attention to the issue.

Coast Guard Shallow-Water Response Boat Team 3 crew members and members of the North Carolina National Guard assist residents of Old Dock, North Carolina, evacuate after flooding forced them from their homes Sept. 17, 2018. The Coast Guard is conducting search and rescue operations in support of state and local emergency operation centers. Coast Guard photo by Chief Petty Officer Stephen Kelly

LMDJ Accepting Donations for Florence Relief, Recovery

Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) is working to assess the best way for Covenant ministries to assist victims of Florence’s catastrophic storms and flooding, executive minister Cecilia Williams, said today.