Home Altar


A devotional guide written by Covenanters, the Covenant Home Altar invites us to take time in our day for God’s word, quiet meditation, and prayer. Especially significant in these uncertain days of isolation and anxiety, the Home Altar invites us to be in community with our brothers and sisters in the larger family of faith, as they share their stories and insights in these daily reflections.

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In Every Way

Have you ever thought how many bizarre, inconsequential choices had to have been made just so you could rub shoulders with someone in the grocery store who is talking way too loudly on the phone about their weekend plans?

Not-So-Secret Treasure

When I was a young kid, my little brother had a pirate/treasure themed birthday party. The thrill of believing we actually found secret treasure buried in our backyard was so exhilarating that by the end all of us kids were literally clawing into the dirt to get our hands on it.