Home Altar


A devotional guide written by Covenanters, the Covenant Home Altar invites us to take time in our day for God’s word, quiet meditation, and prayer. Especially significant in these uncertain days of isolation and anxiety, the Home Altar invites us to be in community with our brothers and sisters in the larger family of faith, as they share their stories and insights in these daily reflections.

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We’re Set Free

We’re Set Free Thursday, June 25 Read: ROMANS 6:1b-11 Death is unpleasant. Even when people die “peacefully,” the journey to that point can be very difficult. The perceived lack of suffering of those who die does not negate the sorrow [...]

First Love

First Love Wednesday, June 24 Read: MATTHEW 10:34-39 How do we reconcile this passage with Jesus as the Prince of Peace? At first glance, these declarations seem to be in tension with what we know about Jesus. He is without [...]

Fear Not

Fear Not Tuesday, June 23 Read: MATTHEW 10:26-33 I remember the energy that my classmates and I put into trying to be popular in high school. It seems silly now, but wearing three pastel-colored Izod shirts and crisply creased jeans [...]

A Missionary’s Call

A Missionary’s Call Friday, June 19  |  Juneteenth Read: ISAIAH 6:1-8 The scene Isaiah describes in today’s reading leaves me breathless. God. The throne. Seraphs with six wings each calling out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts” so [...]

Laughing with Sarah

Laughing with Sarah Thursday, June 18 Read: GENESIS 18:1-15; 21:5-6 Imagine poor Sarah. Her husband is playing host to three strangers. She overhears a visitor say she will give birth, and she laughs. Her “laugh” is probably one of sarcasm, [...]