Revelation at Angola

Debbie Blue is the executive minister of compassion, mercy, and justice for the Evangelical Covenant Church. Discovering the disturbing truth about a broken justice system. Trayvon Martin’s name became familiar to households across the United States as the story of […]

Justice for All?

Nekima Levy-Pounds is an associate professor of law at the University of St. Thomas, and attends First Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. How the fallout from the war on drugs has led to the highest incarceration rate in the world. […]

A Gospel for All

In the gospels there are particular times when Jesus watches a person and then stops everything, stops all of the proceedings, and says to those around him: “Hey everyone—did you see what that person just did? Now that is what […]

The Alaska Story

This is the season for regional annual meetings. The Covenant, though one church, has eleven regions within the United States and Canada known as conferences. Each year delegates from churches within those areas gather to celebrate what God is doing […]

Encouraging Presence

Often relegated to a minor role, Barnabas is arguably one of the most important figures in the early church. How many people could be effective, influential, and successful if only someone would give them encouragement, make space for them, and […]