Borrowing from our friends at Sesame Street, this month’s column is brought to you by the word “repristinate.” Retired Covenant pastor and superintendent John Notehelfer has a ministry of encouragement where every week he sends out a brief leadership reflection […]

Hitting a Nerve

Pastor Alex Gee did not set out to disturb the peace, but his hunger for justice launched an unexpected movement for change in Madison, Wisconsin. An interview by Companion editor Edward Gilbreath Alex Gee had just finished speaking about mass […]

Be It Resolved

Our Annual Meeting each June is more than a business meeting. We do gather to make important decisions around the mission we share, but we also have inspiring worship services, great preaching, practical seminars, celebrations of what God is doing, […]

A God-first Life

My dad turned ninety last month. He is in remarkable health, a picture of fitness, playing tennis every day. Indeed, in 2014 there is a strong likelihood he will be ranked as a top five singles players nationally for his […]

Urban Monk

Exploring a new Covenant community Who would have thought that returning to the urban heart of Chicago would feel like arriving on foreign land? I had grown up in the city, and I still held vivid images from my childhood […]