By Dana Bowman Depending on how you look at it, my son Henry is either very brave or very reckless. It is five o’clock in the afternoon. I have no idea what to prepare for dinner, and we’re all dying […]

The Tie That Binds

My husband and I met in college and married about six months before I graduated. We came from similar backgrounds—our parents were followers of Jesus and active in church life—but we were from slightly different spaces on the spectrum of […]

Crashing the Party

By T. David Beck Imagine your Sunday worship service as a dinner party. It’s an important social event where there’s music, people mix together, an important speech is delivered, and a meal is served. If your church regulars are the […]

Who Changed Your Life?

In an upcoming issue, the Companion plans to feature conversations between mentors and mentees, between long-time experts in a given field and younger counterparts. We’re looking for nominations of people in the Covenant whom you have seen encourage others as […]