A Prescription for Anxiety and Despair

As the Covid-19 pandemic has rolled over us all like a thick, global cloud, I feel its dark shadows over our daily lives in countless ways. We are weary of masks and social restrictions, and missing the fellowship and communal worship of the church. Loved ones, stricken and hospitalized with the virus, are deprived of family visits. Our festive celebrations are robbed of joy when we are isolated.

5 Minutes with Patty Burchell: Nome Is Home

Patty Burchell says she has a vivid memory of a promise she made to God in seventh grade: “I will go.” From that moment on, she trusted God to call her into various fields of Christian ministry. Today she serves as the first female station manager of KICY radio in Nome, Alaska, a ministry of the Alaska Conference, where she broadcasts the gospel to a vast region of western Alaska and the Russian Far East.