Working with CEUM

Eighty years after the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) sent its first missionaries to DR Congo, Covenanters continue to be deeply invested in the work of our sister church. Now considerably larger than our church here, the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) […]

Weborg Moments

Novelist and essayist David Foster Wallace once wrote an effusive profile of tennis great Roger Federer entitled “Roger Federer as Religious Experience” in the New York Times. He described “Federer Moments,” explaining, “These are times, as you watch the young […]

Accessory to the Word

Accessory to the Word By Stan Friedman | Photographs by: Bjorn Amundsen | October 1, 2014 In an age of instant information and immediate response, Covenant theologian C. John Weborg embodies a deep and continuous engagement with community and Scripture. [...]

This Missionary Life

An inside look at the painful challenges and joyful surprises of following God’s call An interview with regional coordinators Pia and Eugenio Restrepo Although the modern concept of missions has placed an increasing emphasis on the “profession” of being a […]