Guest Author

Broadcasting Wild Alaska

The hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment that make up radio station KICY Alaska has captured the American imagination. Television viewers are endlessly fascinated by the dangerous and challenging work of pilots, police, truckers, loggers, fishermen, and prospectors. Yes, it is […]

Hope for Furcy

Bob Smietana is a North Park graduate who took part in the 1985 Haiti trip. A former features editor for the Companion, he is the religion writer for the Tennessean newspaper in Nashville. Built thirty years ago with the help […]

A Broken Body

Brian Madvig is a clinical psychologist who has served on the Board of the Ordered Ministry and works with conferences and local churches to mediate church conflict. He is the author of 33 Weeks of Ordinary: Finding the Extra in […]

It’s Not What You Keep

Karl Clifton-Soderstrom teaches philosophy at North Park University in Chicago. Epiphany reflections on the true nature of gifts Several years ago, shortly after Christmas, I had the unique blessing of driving two elderly members of North Park Covenant Church from […]