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Covenant Leaders Tell Their Stories of Being Profiled In his interview with the Companion, Alex Gee describes his experience of being racially profiled in his own church parking lot. So we asked several Covenant pastors and administrators if they had […]

Hitting a Nerve

Pastor Alex Gee did not set out to disturb the peace, but his hunger for justice launched an unexpected movement for change in Madison, Wisconsin. An interview by Companion editor Edward Gilbreath Alex Gee had just finished speaking about mass […]

In the Time of Darkness

Reflections from an unemployed pastor The Evangelical Covenant Church has been experiencing record growth in numbers and diversity for more than a decade, giving us much to celebrate. Yet every upswing also has a corresponding downswing. While our growing denomination […]

Urban Monk

Exploring a new Covenant community Who would have thought that returning to the urban heart of Chicago would feel like arriving on foreign land? I had grown up in the city, and I still held vivid images from my childhood […]