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From time to time we include articles suggested or submitted from authors who aren't our regular authors. In this event, the writer of this article will have a bio listed within the article.

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Fear Factor

By Dana Bowman I’m standing in line at our local small town grocery store, humming listlessly along with a Muzak version of “Eye of the Tiger,” when I spy her. It’s my neighbor, the funny, sweet one with the curly-haired […]

A Good Death

By Margaret Kim Peterson “Our people die well.” So John Wesley said of the early Methodists, members of the movement founded by Wesley for Christians who were serious about their faith and sought to live it fully in every aspect […]

$2 Bill

By Linda Chestney The Lucite case encloses two $2 bills, a tarnished wedding ring, a charred wallet. Rob gave Myrta a $2 bill when he proposed. A second marriage for both, it was an ideal symbol for their love. Rob [...]

Hearts of Mercy

Hearts of Mercy Four Oakland physicians continue the Covenant's legacy of medical outreach to immigrant communities Photography by Benjamin Chan, Story by Russell Yee September 2015 Non-English-speaking immigrants from overseas arrive in America and find themselves in need of health care. [...]