Guest Author

Fear Not

Fear Not Tuesday, June 23 Read: MATTHEW 10:26-33 I remember the energy that my classmates and I put into trying to be popular in high school. It seems silly now, but wearing three pastel-colored Izod shirts and crisply creased jeans [...]

God Multiplied

After setting the stage of life, God creates man and woman. He creates us in his own image. The great Creator brought us into the world, bearing the image of God, to care and cultivate the land. Verse 28 says we were created to have dominion over the animals and the fish, and verse 29 says the vegetation was given to us so we would have food. …

The Glory of the Lord

One of my favorite places to connect with God is on the shores of Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island, Wisconsin. There, I sit on pebbles rounded to perfection by the cold northern waters of Lake Michigan and feel refreshed by cool breezes as I look out over crystal clear waters….