Guest Author

Reimagining Church

In May, when churches were in the second month of a nationwide shut- down, John Wenrich, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church, sat down with Ed Stetzer, contributing editor for Christianity Today, executive director of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, and interim teaching pastor at Moody Church in Chicago, to talk about ministry and leadership.

Examine, Confess, Receive

Examine, Confess, Receive July 2 Read: MATTHEW 12:1-8 Take a moment to examine your interactions this week with immediate family, close friends, extended family, acquaintances, co-workers, peers, church members, etc. Asking the Holy Spirit to guide your meditation, consider the [...]

Remind Your Soul

Remind Your Soul Sunday, June 28 Read: Psalm 13 All humans experience change and various seasons of the soul. A healthy approach to transition includes acknowledging one’s true emotions and thought patterns. In today’s psalm we are given an example [...]