Episode 5: Spiritual Practices for Beginners

Diana Shiflett, pastor of spiritual formation at Naperville (IL) Covenant Church, introduces listeners to her new book, “Spiritual Practices in Community,” and shares how ministry leaders can use spiritual practices in group settings. Covenant minister Nilwona Nowlin talks about her […]

Discovering God the Good, Good Father

Choose and Choose Again is a mosaic of personal stories collected by author and Covenant pastor J. Kevin Butcher, who founded Hope Community Church in Detroit, Michigan. The stories he shares (as well as his own testimony) display the complexities of people who live their lives as prisoners and prostitutes, as well as those who are lawyers and in business.

Episode 3: God Already Knows Their Stories

Kathy Khang, author of Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and When to Speak Up, on #MeToo and why the church must listen to women’s stories of sexual harassment and abuse; Covenant pastor Tim Rodgers reflects on what co-leading […]

Episode 2: A Sneak Preview of Heaven

Student voices from CHIC 2018; Covenant pastor Efrem Smith reflects on what he’s learned about racial inclusion in the church; longtime Covenant Offices staff member Chris Hagberg explains why she loves the Cov. Covenant Companion editors Ed Gilbreath and Cathy Norman Peterson are your hosts. Check out the Companion’s CHIC 2018 cover story here: http://covenantcompanion.com/2018/09/04/unite-us/