January/February CovSparks Available

By Staff Author | Jan 7, 2019

The COV Sparks downloadable discussion guide is now available for the January/February issue of The Covenant Companion. Based on articles from the current issue of the magazine, COV Sparks provides stimulating questions for Sunday-school classes, small-group discussions, and personal reflection.

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Podcast Helps Listeners Walk ‘Ten Steps Further’

By Stan Friedman | Dec 30, 2018

When they conceived the idea for their podcast, Jack Hawkins, pastor of Canyon Springs Church, an ECC congregation, and worship director Jonathan Schmitz figured Ten Steps Further would be 10 episodes of foundational Christian information. But a year later, the podcast is still going strong. Topics have ranged from discussions on the shooting in Las Vegas, racism, marriage relationships, to ancient wisdom.

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Day 24 Gift Idea: Wells

By Stan Friedman | Dec 24, 2018

This week we focus on clean water. Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for healthy communities, socioeconomic development, energy and food production. Digging a well can improve the health of a community as well as improve economic and education opportunities.

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Day 22 Gift Idea: Cows

By Stan Friedman | Dec 22, 2018

Today we highlight how even a single cow can provide sustainable income and food in India and Kyrgyzstan. A dairy cow can produce as many as three gallons of milk a day and up to 5,000 gallons—or 80,000 glasses—in its lifetime.

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Early Rain Church Not Connected with ECC

By Stan Friedman | Dec 21, 2018

The Evangelical Covenant Church in the United States has no connection with the Early Rain Evangelical Covenant Church, which is suffering a crackdown from the Chinese government, said Al Tizon, executive minister of Serve Globally.

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Day 20 Gift Idea: Crescendo

By Stan Friedman | Dec 20, 2018

Today we highlight Crescendo, a ministry of Make and Deepen Disciples that focuses on equipping pastors, staff, and church leaders to unleash the potential of boomers and beyond to engage in the work of God’s kingdom. Coaches and resource specialists engage leaders in planning ministries that target these age groups.

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Day 19 Gift Idea: Goats

By Stan Friedman | Dec 19, 2018

Today we highlight the difference two goats can make in a person’s life. Dineshbhai is a small-scale farmer who received two goats from Covenant Social Service (CSS) in the tribal community of Vyara, India.

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