Bow Down

By Guest Author | Aug 29, 2020

I’m not sure we do a lot of bowing down these days. Too many of us
are stiff-necked people who claim to have all the answers

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By Guest Author | Aug 26, 2020

I teach African American history at the local university, and the students are always wide awake when I tell the story of Harriett Tubman and the Combahee River attack.

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Remembering the Lord

By Guest Author | Aug 25, 2020

How could we forget the Lord who comforts us, who stretches forth the heavens and stirs the sea? Yet, here, God feels the need to introduce himself, as if somehow we have not met.

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Listen and Look!

By Guest Author | Aug 24, 2020

Isaiah is calling us to active faith—faith that listens and looks. I left my full-time legal career to become a minister. People thought I was crazy!

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The Choice

By Guest Author | Aug 23, 2020

The midwives had a choice. They could have followed Pharaoh’s order to kill all the male children or they could follow God and let the boys live.

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A House for All

By Guest Author | Aug 22, 2020

The core of this passage in Isaiah is that God’s heart is to gather all peoples to himself. God’s door is open to all—the foreigners and the outcasts included—to the holy mountain, …

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