God Is Majestic

By covwebster | Jun 11, 2020
God Is Majestic Thursday, June 11 Read: Psalm 8 The psalmist praises God, saying, “How majestic is your name in [...] Read More

God Rested

By covwebster | Jun 10, 2020
God Rested Wednesday, June 10 Read: Genesis 2:1-4 I love that we have a God who shows us fully how [...] Read More

God Multiplied

By Guest Author | Jun 9, 2020

After setting the stage of life, God creates man and woman. He creates us in his own image. The great Creator brought us into the world, bearing the image of God, to care and cultivate the land. Verse 28 says we were created to have dominion over the animals and the fish, and verse 29 says the vegetation was given to us so we would have food. …

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God Created

By Guest Author | Jun 7, 2020

When I sit and ponder the magnitude of God and his infinite power and presence in my life, I often end up thinking about creation. The whole canon of Scripture begins with “In the beginning God created….”

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The Glory of the Lord

By Guest Author | Jun 6, 2020

One of my favorite places to connect with God is on the shores of Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island, Wisconsin. There, I sit on pebbles rounded to perfection by the cold northern waters of Lake Michigan and feel refreshed by cool breezes as I look out over crystal clear waters….

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Spiritual Team Work

By Guest Author | Jun 5, 2020

Like the human body, which has many parts with specialized functions, the body of Christ is made up of people with different gifts and abilities to fulfill a purpose for the kingdom of God. …

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For the Common Good

By Guest Author | Jun 4, 2020

As we focus on the distribution of spiritual gifts, we should ask a question of purpose, “To what end do we receive these gifts?” According to verse 7, our spiritual gifts, our acts of service, and our work are all for the common good. …

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