Reason for Praise

By Guest Author | Nov 5, 2020

“They all look the same,” she said. “The same clothes and the same color of skin.” Such was the lament of a high school student who was one of six black youths attending a Christian high school.

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God’s Good News Is Contagious

By Guest Author | Nov 4, 2020

“Daddy can we tell them the family secret?” questioned my daughter in front of visiting friends. Feeling awkward, I released her to tell the previously secret news of her mother’s pregnancy.

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God’s Love Is Personal

By Guest Author | Nov 3, 2020

For more than ten months, life was a struggle. Blood transfusions, the constant use of oxygen, and the experience of being bound to one room of the house had become the normal routine.

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Justice for All

By Guest Author | Nov 1, 2020

When King Arthur wanted to deepen his perspective of life in England, he left his royal throne and traveled his country dressed as a pauper.

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Worshiping the Mighty God

By Guest Author | Oct 29, 2020

In our day, people who have lived significant lives, made groundbreaking discoveries, or initiated movements of social change become subjects of biographers or write their own memoirs that capture their perspectives.

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A Midweek Practice

By Guest Author | Oct 28, 2020

As a native Minnesotan, I am a fan of trees and water. Being in the northern woods refreshes my soul, restores my spirit, and nourishes my life with Christ.

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