Hand in Hand

By Guest Author | Jan 15, 2021

Every time my grandparents left my home after a visit, I watched them walk across the street to their car. Every time, they would be holding hands.

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The God of Intention

By Guest Author | Jan 10, 2021

There is something so exciting about a brand-new planner for the year. I look at the pages and see so much opportunity ahead—creating events and organizing my family’s schedules.

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New Life

By Guest Author | Jan 9, 2021

The new covenant breaks open the tidy boxes we keep our religions in. But we spend most of our time trying to get Jesus back in our boxes.

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New Covenant

By Guest Author | Jan 8, 2021

My church has adopted the slogan “The Church has left the building,” focusing not on getting people into our building, but on virtual gatherings and serving the needs of people in our community—ministry at a social distance.

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A New Plan

By Guest Author | Jan 7, 2021

“God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” Long ago I thought that meant God wanted me to have a perfect marriage, family, career, friends, etc.

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