Beliefs Versus Actions

By Guest Author | Nov 26, 2020

Jesus’s words beckon us to join God’s mission in its rawest form: to help those in need. In the West, we are often uncomfortable with suffering, so we either deny it or seek to blame the victim.

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The Merciful Shepherd

By Guest Author | Nov 24, 2020

God himself will shepherd the traumatized flock. God will seek the lost and bring them home, feed them with rich pasture, and make them lie down in safety.

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God’s Promises

By Guest Author | Nov 23, 2020

The Israelites were nearing the end of their exile when this passage was written. How they must have delighted to hear Zephaniah’s words of hope.

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No Longer Ashamed

By Guest Author | Nov 22, 2020

It’s shame that binds us, isn’t it? Many of us are paralyzed by shame at the moment because despite our advances in technology and medicine, a tiny virus has waged an invisible war against us that we cannot easily win.

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Stay the Course

By Guest Author | Nov 21, 2020

Years ago I used to compete in triathlons. I did one race every year where there were almost no fans or supporters on the swim or bike portions.

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