Latino Churches Celebrate Day of Baptisms

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More than 400 people from Latino Covenant churches in the Central Conference gathered for worship, baptisms, and opportunities to reconnect at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on Sunday, August 15.

The churches have met yearly at the camp for the past 35 years, said Danny Martinez, superintendent of the Central Conference. Nine congregations participated.

Musicians and dancers from Iglesia del Pacto Belen (Belen Covenant Church) helped lead the worship service. Covenant minister Meztli Doles brought the morning message. Afterward, worshipers walked down to the shoreline to celebrate with more than 30 people who were baptized.

“Today we have seen how God is continuing to move in our churches,” said Martinez, adding that people being baptized is a sign of a healthy church.

Omololu Omonijo was one of those baptized. Omonijo began attending Iglesia del Pacto Albany Park four months ago after he met church member Elaine Harvey on a bus. “She asked me if I knew Jesus Christ,” he recalled. He told her he did but had not been living like it.

Harvey invited him to church. “Ever since then, I’ve been blessed being at this church. I’m grateful to be here. I’m grateful to be a part of the community,” Omonijo said.

Following the service, people stayed to share meals and stories.

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  1. What a fantastic story! The Lord is drawing people to Himself, what a joy to see our brothers and sisters profess their faith and be baptized!
    Praising God!

  2. Stan, thank you so much for gathering with us in this important event for the latino community in the Central Conference.

  3. Praise God that He is working in our sister Latino churches. This was an inspiration
    to read about this baptism in those churches. Chet Larson

  4. Thank you Stan for your writing ministry; capturing history as it occurs.
    As the 1st latino church founded in the Central Conference, la Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico de Albany Park, Omonijo will help us celebrate our 50th year on November 12. Our 1st day of events will be a concert (with masks) in Anderson Chapel on the North Park Campus. Hope you can capture that history making event as well. Blessings.
    Pastor Tomás

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