Windsor Residents Help Students in Brazil Practice English

Residents at Covenant Living at Windsor Park in Carol Stream, Illinois, have been helping teenagers in Brazil practice their English twice a week.

The students are enrolled in a CNA Language Speaking School in Brazil that started the speaking exchange program with Windsor to help students practice their skills with native English speakers. The aim is that learning English will help enhance their job opportunities at home and abroad. Most participants are middle and high-school age and hope to visit the United States at some point.

During each session, volunteers take time to talk with students for 15 minutes via Zoom.

“It’s a big thing for them to talk to us,” said John Adams, the Windsor resident who coordinates the volunteers. “They really enjoy it.” He says volunteers also enjoy the experience.

Conversations include “getting-to-know-you” questions and the seniors sharing advice. “We’ve had some students who wanted to talk about Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes,” Adams said.

The conversations are recorded so students can discuss them with their teachers.

Covenant Living Communities and Services is a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church.


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