Companion Garners 7 Evangelical Press Association Awards

The Covenant Companion was honored with seven awards last week at the Evangelical Press Association (EPA), including second place in the best denominational magazine category

The awards were announced Friday. The EPA consists of more than 300 members: periodicals, organizations and individual members, with a combined circulation of 15 million readers. Awards are given in more than 60 categories, selected from 960 entries.

1st Place

Humorous: “There Is No Small Talk in Quarantine,” by Dana Bowman

Judges said: “I am always reluctant to assign a perfect score, but I was compelled to do so. This was a masterclass in humor writing. There are laugh-out-loud moments that every parent can relate to. This article delivers laughter and hope in the midst of the pandemic.”

Standing Column: Jelani Greenidge

Judges said: “This writer nimbly moves from intimate observation to big idea effortlessly and makes his case with clarity, focus, and brevity. How do you write about systemic racism in a way that is intimate, engaging, compelling? See this writer’s work. Powerful examination of one of the most pressing issues of our time.”

2nd Place

Department: Arts & Culture

Judges said: “I love the variety I see in this Arts & Culture department. Thank you for your commitment to uplifting diversity of all kinds in the Church.”

Denominational Magazine

Judges said: “Lots to read, enjoy, and be inspired by from an obviously hardworking staff. Your entire publication seems to shout: ‘We’re here for you!’”

3rd Place

First-person Article: “The Word that Haunts,” by Cecilia Williams

Judges said: “This is one of the finest reflections I have read on the murder of George Floyd. Floyd’s cry of ‘Mama’ becomes the launching point for a discussion of what his death means for every Black mother—and how we have reached a reckoning point for the Church. If this powerful piece doesn’t provoke empathy for Black lives, nothing will.”

General Article: Long: “Kinship to Creator,” by Lenore Three Stars

Judges said: “If you haven’t written a book yet, you should!”

4th Place

Titles—“Coffee Futures,” “There Is No Small Talk in Quarantine,” “Frozen Thanks”










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