Everyone Stumbles

Everyone Stumbles

Maundy Thursday, April 1

MARK 14:26-42

One of the greatest revelations I have learned in my Christian life is that God became human because humans are not divine. In other words, God recognizes that we are human and as humans we are utterly dependent upon him. We all stumble, we all make mistakes and, yes, we all fall sometimes.

Jesus in so many words shared this news with his disciples. Understanding the evil to be unleashed that night, he tells them that the shepherd would be struck “and the sheep will be scattered” (v. 27). Peter, along with the other disciples, couldn’t fathom the idea of deserting Christ, but not only did they, Peter denied him three times and after words, wept bitterly.

The good news is that Jesus found Peter, restored him, and used him to strengthen his sisters and brothers. Please know that we all stumble, but God uses our flaws and all.

Lord, help me to understand that I can come to you, even when I make mistakes. Help me to keep seeking you even in the darkest places of my journey. AMEN

About the Author

David Washington | I am a church planter in Chicago, who founded and now pastors Kingdom Covenant Church Chicago. In addition to my pastoral work I serve as an adjunct professor at North Park Theological Seminary and I am the author of Kingdom Church: A People Committed to the King’s Agenda (Xulon Press, 2017). I have had the privilege of serving in Christian ministry for more than 20 years with a passion for inner-city urban ministry.  I have been married to my wonderful wife of 24 years, Verneé Washington, and we have two young adult children. In my free time I love to read, bowl, watch films (especially documentaries), play basketball (with people my age!) and spend time with my family.

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