Peace with Momentum

Peace with Momentum

March 24

JEREMIAH 31:31-34

Oh, the sweet freedom of Friday afternoons in Arkansas, riding my bike home from school—the weekend arrived! There was nothing ahead to worry about, hold me back or down. Yes, it was fleeting…I mean, it was only going to last until Monday morning. But even today, nearly 40 years later I can still feel the intense and unhindered joy that came in those brief moments of being free in the deepest of childlike ways.

I’ve often referred to joy as “peace with momentum” that flows into both still and motion-filled spaces in our lives. There is an even greater joy in store for all of us when we know—deep in our bones—that our stories are redeemed, rewritten, and sealed in God’s saving love in Jesus. No darkness will mark our becoming as God’s beloved. You are God’s beloved.

Thank you, Lord, for rewriting our story through the new covenant in Jesus. May we know and embrace the unhindered joy that is ours here, in you. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Lane  |  My greatest joy is my family—our children, Isaac, Rachel, Eli, and Moriah, and my wife and best friend of 26 years, Sara. I’ve been in ministry since way back—since I had hair—and currently serve as associate pastor at Hope Covenant Church in Chandler, Arizona. I’m blown away by grace, humbled by the chance to serve, and thankful for all things green and brown and mountainy and trail-ish. I’m fervent in my belief that formational practices are key in a world such as this to quieting our souls from all of the clamor—to hearing and connecting with God. I believe in the underseen being seen. I love to be with the fam and to run, hike, and camp. When I am not doing those things (even when I am doing those things!), I am loving good food, good friends, good music (don’t get me started), and authenticity.

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