March 15

PSALM 107:17-32

Sitting alone in a hospital waiting room, I get word my husband’s heart surgery has begun. I’m scared. For years, he’s battled an erratic heartbeat. Today’s surgery is a last resort. Other health issues make it high-risk. I’m heartened to get a call from our church administrator Judy who tells me Pastor Pete has been running late all day, but he hopes to stop by. I tell her, “No! Pete’s got enough on his plate—a phone call is fine.” But at 4 p.m., our pastor strolls in. I tell him I hope we get word in an hour. But one hour stretches to two, then a delay in the recovery room. Three hours later Pete and I are still waiting.

But the news from the doctors is good, and my husband’s tired face lights up when he finds his pastor waiting in his hospital room with me to welcome and pray for him after his ordeal. And me? Three hours have spun by with casual talk of golf, basketball, favorite rock bands, and winter escapes. My husband and I are restored. Our pastor is tired. God has brought us back from the brink with the help of a man who loves Jesus with a servant’s heart.

Thank you, Lord, for pastors who make real your promise of comfort and hope in times of trouble. AMEN.

About the Author

Mary Rhodes | I am a retired journalist with a passion for swimming and reading theology. I am constantly challenged at Winnetka Covenant Church to grow and spiritually mature. In its fellowship, teaching, and singing, I find Jesus. I am married to a retired Navy dentist, and my son is just beginning his Navy tour as a dentist, so I’m outnumbered. My big dream is to take part in the 2021 Senior Olympics in the 500-yard freestyle (last place is okay!) I also love writing up oral histories for elderly friends. It’s a privilege to tell their stories and trace the hand of God in their lives.

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