Are You Connected?

Are You Connected?

March 11

JOHN 2:13-22

There was an expectation when I was a teenager that I was going to church not just to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, but also to have a divine encounter with my Creator and Savior. The size of the buildings did not matter—what mattered was his presence. Over the years, I realized that I needed to be intentional in cultivating God’s presence.

In today’s passage, Jesus found businesspeople focused on their own business and drove them all from the temple courts.

Is there any unforgiveness, grudges, bitterness, and anger in your heart? Too often, I have seen members of the body of Christ being incapable of connecting on a more in-depth level because of the hardness of their hearts.

Holy Spirit, remove anything in my heart that disconnects me from the body of Christ and prevents me from enjoying your sweet presence. AMEN.

About the Author

Michel Ndiom

I have served as pastor of mission and outreach at Green Timber Covenant Church since 2017. I moved to the Surrey area from Cameroon 13 years ago. Before coming to Green Timbers, I was planting/lead pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church in greater Vancouver. I am licensed by the Covenant as a bivocational pastor and am pursuing ordination. I also work at the Ministry of Children and Family Development and manage a private counseling practice. I have a master’s of social work and am a registered social worker with the Canadian Social Worker Association. Throughout my professional life I have worked in many culturally diverse and peopleoriented roles. I have a passion for learning new cultures and languages and find fulfillment in working where cultures blend. My wife, Viviane, and I have four kids, Shekinah, Shiloh, Zoe, and Joshua.

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