He Will Do It Again

He Will Do It Again

March 7

PSALM 25:1-10

I was born and raised in Cameroon, and in my culture, extended family members live in the same household. Children grow up with a sense of love, invincibility, and assurance that their future will be all right. As time went on, however, I experienced many disappointments, and became bitter, antisocial, and depressed. I had built my hope and future on the belief that my family’s abilities and connection would protect, care for, and nurture me. When that didn’t happen, I blamed everybody and everything. The discovery that my aspirations, dreams, and achievements were outside the will of God shattered my heart. I realized that ego had edged God out of my life. As we read throughout this passage, let the uncertainties of today dissipate as we remember we can trust in God.

Lord, help us remember that your promises still stand and that you will never fail us. AMEN.

About the Author

Michel Ndiom

I have served as pastor of mission and outreach at Green Timber Covenant Church since 2017. I moved to the Surrey area from Cameroon 13 years ago. Before coming to Green Timbers, I was planting/lead pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church in greater Vancouver. I am licensed by the Covenant as a bivocational pastor and am pursuing ordination. I also work at the Ministry of Children and Family Development and manage a private counseling practice. I have a master’s of social work and am a registered social worker with the Canadian Social Worker Association. Throughout my professional life I have worked in many culturally diverse and peopleoriented roles. I have a passion for learning new cultures and languages and find fulfillment in working where cultures blend. My wife, Viviane, and I have four kids, Shekinah, Shiloh, Zoe, and Joshua.

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