Life Is Change

Life Is Change

February 25

Read: MARK 1:9-15

Mark describes a moment of profound change in Jesus’s life. One day he lays aside his carpentry tools and goes to the Jordan River. When he comes home again after a couple months, he has been anointed by the Holy Spirit, fasted for 40 days, and won his first battle with the devil. His baptizer and PR man is in jail. It’s time to start a whole new life.

In my late 20s I was right where I thought I belonged. After six years in Barcelona I was serving in a local church. I had just joined a parachurch campus ministry and gotten engaged. However, I started facing my inadequacies in student work and “commitment phobia” regarding marriage. Then the church elected a board of elders that didn’t include me.

I returned to Connecticut discouraged, confused, and doubting myself and God. Slowly things began to change—new service opportunities, a career in carpentry, and marriage to Clara, the girl I had left behind.

Father, thanks for leading us through life’s changes. AMEN.

About the Author

Paul Shekleton / I have lived in Manchester for 34 years with my wife, Clara, whom I met in Spain in 1976. We joined Trinity Covenant Church shortly after moving into town and raised our three children here. We now have four grandchildren. We are retired; Clara was a phlebotomist, I a carpenter. I have served on church boards and committees and taught and facilitated classes and small groups all my adult life. We enjoy reading history and fiction in English, Spanish, and occasionally Catalan. Since retirement I have dabbled in writing short fiction.

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