Justice and Judgment

Justice and Judgment

January 29

Read: PSALMS 72:1-7

The psalmist calls us to pray for those who rule us, and we pray for them to lead with justice and wise judgment.

We must have the hope that through the intercession of prayer God will send qualified leaders with these two qualities: justice and judgment. Let us pray that he will.

Remember that if God has changed you, your family, and me, we know he can also change them. Let us just imagine a leader who loves and fears God above all things (v. 5).

God desires that all who rule under his control walk in justice and judgment.

Heavenly Father, at this time I pray for our president, mayors, governors, judges, and every authority that you have established in this age, that you give them the wisdom to govern and pass laws with justice and judgment according to your word and will. Thank you for listening and answering my prayers.  AMEN.

About the Author

Martin Bonilla  |  I have been serving as a trip facilitator for Merge staff since 2010, and I love bringing the good news to people and organizing short mission trips. Luisa and I have been married 25 years, and we have two kids. We serve in rural communities training pastors and leaders and organizing youth meetings. I like agriculture and support and promote self-sustaining projects. There is not a Covenant church in Nicaragua yet, so we belong to our local church, Elevate Nicaragua. I studied journalism and management of social investment projects (international development).

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