Doers of the Word

Doers of the Word

January 22

Read: ROMANS 2:12-24

Nobody likes a hypocrite. To say or do one thing and then turn around and say or do the opposite is a quick way to upset people. Unfortunately, this type of behavior seems quite prevalent in the world. This should not be the case though, especially for followers of Jesus Christ.

God sent Jesus to this earth to set us free from sin by living a sinless and holy life, so that we might do the same. He constantly taught his disciples the truth of God’s word and how they were to please God with their lives.

Similarly, the apostle Paul stressed to the church in Rome that they must not merely be hearers of God’s law, but instead they should be obedient doers. This meant having an authentic relationship with God that put their faith into action.

How are we living out our faith in our day-to-day lives to be like Jesus?

Father, teach us to be faithful and obedient to your word in everything we say, do, and think. AMEN.

About the Author

ETHAN TEWS: I currently serve as copastor of Zion Covenant Church in Sheboygan and as a volunteer police chaplain. Before coming to Zion, I pastored a small congregation in Michigan for several years while in seminary. In 2017 I received my MDiv from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. I am originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, outside of Chicago. After high school I went on to college and graduate school to study health and fitness. During and after that time, I also worked as a public safety officer. I am married to my beautiful wife, Melissa, and we have two young boys. I love to exercise and consider myself a triathlete. I also enjoy being outside with my family, reading books on 21st-century military history, drinking espresso, and of course, learning from God’s word!

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