Being Humbled

Being Humbled

January 21

Read: 1 SAMUEL 3:11-20

Let’s face it, we all have made mistakes in life. Maybe it was cheating on a test, stealing, driving too fast, fighting with your siblings, or lying to your parents. While we might have to face consequences for these mistakes, it is how we react, learn, and grow from them that is important.

In the days before Israel had a king, the high priest, Eli, had two sons serving as priests who were wicked and did not follow the Lord (1 Samuel 2:13). They did not repent of their sins and Eli did not rebuke them after he heard of what they had done. In today’s passage, God gives Samuel a message of doom for Eli’s household and once Eli hears, he finally seems to accept the consequences (v. 18).

God desires for us to live holy lives, but when we do sin, let us acknowledge it, repent, and seek after him.

Father, forgive us for our many sins, and teach us to be your humble servants. AMEN.

About the Author

ETHAN TEWS: I currently serve as copastor of Zion Covenant Church in Sheboygan and as a volunteer police chaplain. Before coming to Zion, I pastored a small congregation in Michigan for several years while in seminary. In 2017 I received my MDiv from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. I am originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, outside of Chicago. After high school I went on to college and graduate school to study health and fitness. During and after that time, I also worked as a public safety officer. I am married to my beautiful wife, Melissa, and we have two young boys. I love to exercise and consider myself a triathlete. I also enjoy being outside with my family, reading books on 21st-century military history, drinking espresso, and of course, learning from God’s word!

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