New Love

New Love

January 6, Epiphany

Read: MATTHEW 2:1-12

A favorite Christmas story is about a Sunday school pageant with a 10-year-old Joseph and Mary, a legion of cardboard-winged angels, and a herd of shepherds in bathrobes. A young couple secretly volunteered to replace the doll in the manger with their newborn baby, joining the shepherds kneeling adoringly beside it. When weary Joseph trudges across the stage with his betrothed, he arrives at the manger and exclaims: “Oh my God! It’s a baby!”

That’s what I imagine Joseph said. My God. A baby. Jesus. The new covenant. The Holy One, the King of Creation, born in a barn so he could be near the people he came to love, to give new life to. Shepherds in awe, wondering what it could mean, laughing like drunkards for the impossible joy of it all. Wise Men had to wonder what kind of a God would risk his kingdom on the birth of a peasant’s child. Epiphany means “a light that reveals.” It reveals a God who loves his people this much.

Light of the world, come shine on my weary, dark heart, and show me. AMEN.

About the Author

Chris Haydon || I’ve been a Covenant pastor for almost 40 years and now serve as pastor of care and support at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts, offering counseling and leading their Celebrate Recovery ministry. I am also a mental health therapist in the area, and love to witness how the love of God, intentional Christian community, and compassionate therapy can heal deep wounds and addictions, and give people hope, new value, and purpose in life. I love to walk, hike, and bike with my wife, Beth, who works for International Justice Ministry. We have four adult children who for some reason live on the West Coast.

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