New Creation

New Creation

January 4

Read: JOHN 1:1-9

If a new covenant was to be made between God and his people, a new creation story would need to be written, the Word that tells the truth about all things: all things are created in Christ. Jesus is the Word that speaks creation into being. New creations, too. That’s why there is hope for us.

Jesus is the light the darkness cannot overcome, his life the source of life for all people. Divinely ironic that the new covenant must be in his blood, his death to give us life forever with God. This is how much God loves God’s people—you and me and everyone else. God sent John the Baptizer to prepare the way for the Light. John preached his incomplete gospel until the Good News himself showed up for a swim in the Jordan. How do we shine Christ’s reflected light through our lives? Through religions of rules that keep people out or through acts of love, compassion, and justice that welcome them in?

Lord Jesus, speak into our hearts that our words may become light and love for others. AMEN.

About the Author

Chris Haydon || I’ve been a Covenant pastor for almost 40 years and now serve as pastor of care and support at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts, offering counseling and leading their Celebrate Recovery ministry. I am also a mental health therapist in the area, and love to witness how the love of God, intentional Christian community, and compassionate therapy can heal deep wounds and addictions, and give people hope, new value, and purpose in life. I love to walk, hike, and bike with my wife, Beth, who works for International Justice Ministry. We have four adult children who for some reason live on the West Coast.

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