December 31

Read: ISAIAH 61:10-62:3

When we planned our wedding, my husband and I determined to focus on what was enduring: the vows we were making to each other before the Lord. That meant we left out many of the cultural traditions often found at weddings, like fancy invitations, flowers, attendants, and a big reception. We did dress up for our ceremony. Dennis wore a shiny new suit. I wore a purple lace dress because I felt the vibrant color would better express the brilliant joy in my heart.

I think of our wedding clothes, the sacredness of our ceremony, and our mutual joy as I read this passage. God has adorned God’s people with royal garments of salvation and righteousness. We stand joyfully before God like a bride and bridegroom on their wedding day. God has chosen us, the church, to take the joy of God’s kingdom to the world around us.

Lord, help us remember how you clothe us with joy and salvation. May we sow seeds of righteousness and praise in your garden. AMEN.

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Corrie Gustafson Montoya | I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but in adulthood I have made homes in six other states and in British Columbia. In addition to my work in college student ministry, I have also served as a local church pastor and as a hospital, hospice, and school chaplain. I moved to South Florida in December of 2018 to serve as a chaplain at Covenant Living of Florida. In my first two years here, I met and married Dennis Montoya, who is a computer technician for our county school district. My hobbies include reading, baking, playing board games, and singing along to music. I’ve also blogged at for ten years. Together, Dennis and I enjoy exploring ethnic cuisine and walking or swimming at our city park.

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