Holding the Promise

Holding the Promise

December 27

Read: LUKE 2:21-35

What a sweet moment it must have been for Simeon—the wait to see the Messiah was over! And Simeon not only got to see him—he held God’s promise in his arms!

Years ago, God called me to become a foster parent. I lived in the Bay Area of California where rent was very high. I knew it would take a miracle to find a two-bedroom apartment that I could afford, but I prayed for God to find me a home close enough to the church that I wouldn’t have to commute. Within two weeks, I signed a lease on an apartment in my price range just two miles from church. The day I took possession, I stood in my empty living room praising God for his miraculous provision, anticipating the child I would soon welcome there.

About a year later I welcomed my first foster child to that home. Fostering was a difficult journey, but even during the most challenging days, I remained thankful for God’s provision. That home was a place of safety, stability, and love for children who may have never known them before.

Holy Spirit, thank you for your guidance. Help me to see and celebrate the wonderful ways you bring your promises to my arms. May I live with holy anticipation. AMEN.

About the Author

Corrie Gustafson Montoya | I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but in adulthood I have made homes in six other states and in British Columbia. In addition to my work in college student ministry, I have also served as a local church pastor and as a hospital, hospice, and school chaplain. I moved to South Florida in December of 2018 to serve as a chaplain at Covenant Living of Florida. In my first two years here, I met and married Dennis Montoya, who is a computer technician for our county school district. My hobbies include reading, baking, playing board games, and singing along to music. I’ve also blogged at pastorwithapurse.com for ten years. Together, Dennis and I enjoy exploring ethnic cuisine and walking or swimming at our city park.

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