The Wrong Person

The Wrong Person

December 17

Read: JOHN 1:6-9,19-28

I offered to visit a friend’s dad in the hospital. The problem was, I’d never met her dad. The only instruction I was given was that he had poor hearing. When I arrived at the hospital room, I walked over to the man on the bed, who was also blind, introduced myself, and started talking loudly. As I left, something didn’t feel right. I asked a nurse if this was Harry’s room. She peeked in, walked over to the closed bathroom door, knocked on it, and said, “Harry, there’s someone here to see you.” That’s right. The patient I had just visited wasn’t my friend’s dad.

Some religious leaders visited the wilderness thinking they were talking with the Messiah. They were wrong. Even after John said he wasn’t the Messiah, the religious leaders started inserting their expectations of who they wanted John to be: “Are you Elijah? Are you the prophet?”

Are you trying to live up to the expectations others have placed on you, or expectations you have placed on yourself? Who is God calling you to be?

Lord, help me to live into who you called me to be. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Sequeira | Aloha! I’m a Native-Hawaiian living in Vancouver, Washington. I’ve been married to Glenna for thirty-five years, and we have two adult children, Megan (husband Bryan) and Chris (wife Lilian), and two grandchildren, Levi and Brynn. I’m the pastor at Cascade View Covenant Church in Vancouver. I’ve been involved with advancing justice, mercy, and racial righteousness at local, conference, and denominational levels. I have a love and passion for my own Hawaiian culture as well as that of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. I also enjoy playing music, wood carving, and building models, and I’m a Star Wars and sci-fi geek.

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