“Be Proud You’re Hawaiian!”

“Be Proud You’re Hawaiian!”

December 14

Read: PSALM 97:10-12

When I was a child, my mom who had moved from Hilo, Hawai’i to Oregon, told me to make sure I dressed nicely and presented myself well because I looked different and people would treat me differently. Her most important instructions, however, would follow: “Be proud you’re Hawaiian.” Essentially she taught me to delight in my heritage. I never forgot my mom’s words and the seriousness with which she delivered them. To be Hawaiian means sharing the Spirit of Aloha, loving unconditionally, and inviting ‘ohana, friends and strangers to share life together—especially through eating together.

The psalmist reminds us to delight in our heritage in the Lord. By God’s grace, because we are children of the righteous Lord, invited to share life together with him, we are called righteous. Thanks be to God! Let us praise the Lord with heartfelt joy!

Lord, help me to grasp not just the seriousness and responsibility of being called righteous, but also the joy. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Sequeira | Aloha! I’m a Native-Hawaiian living in Vancouver, Washington. I’ve been married to Glenna for thirty-five years, and we have two adult children, Megan (husband Bryan) and Chris (wife Lilian), and two grandchildren, Levi and Brynn. I’m the pastor at Cascade View Covenant Church in Vancouver. I’ve been involved with advancing justice, mercy, and racial righteousness at local, conference, and denominational levels. I have a love and passion for my own Hawaiian culture as well as that of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. I also enjoy playing music, wood carving, and building models, and I’m a Star Wars and sci-fi geek.

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