Lord, How Long?

Lord, How Long?

December 2

Read: MARK 13:24-37

Today’s Scripture reading has baffled the minds of scholars and average readers alike. When we read passages that focus on the end times, we often try to correlate current events to figure out when the Lord might return.

Yet it is fitting to read this passage during Advent as we anticipate Christ’s birth, because it reminds us that we are also anticipating his return. It is fruitless to use our own methods to decipher when exactly that will be. Instead, we simply anticipate, longing for Christ’s return to bring wholeness to our world.

Lord, we long for the day you will return. This world is broken and desperately needs you. Lord, how long? AMEN.

About the Author

Bearett Wolverton | I serve as the lead pastor of Grace Covenant Church in South San Francisco. I have been married to my wife, Jennifer, for nine years, and we have been blessed with two children, Jennaleigh and Jude. I am a Texas native who has studied at Southwestern Assemblies of God University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I am passionate about homiletics, Texas barbecue, baseball, soccer, and Apple products.

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