Lord, Shine on Me

Lord, Shine on Me

December 1

Read: PSALM 143

Yesterday, we read a psalm that was a community lament. Today we read an individual lament. We see David, a man after God’s own heart, crying out to God for mercy and deliverance. In his distress, David acknowledges his failures and appeals to the Lord as the only one righteous and powerful enough to save him. Just as the community of Psalm 80 asked the Lord to let his face shine on them, David pleads for the Lord to not hide his face from him.

Laments are my favorite genre from the psalms. They serve as a great reminder of our need for God’s healing and wholeness. Maybe you are in distress today. Perhaps you have tried to fill your brokenness with other things to appease your soul when in fact what you actually thirst for is God. Cry out to God in your distress, acknowledge your shortcomings, and trust in him.

Lord, today I look at my personal struggles, but I am also reminded of your great triumphs. Be my deliverer today. Lord, shine on me. AMEN.

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Bearett Wolverton | I serve as the lead pastor of Grace Covenant Church in South San Francisco. I have been married to my wife, Jennifer, for nine years, and we have been blessed with two children, Jennaleigh and Jude. I am a Texas native who has studied at Southwestern Assemblies of God University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I am passionate about homiletics, Texas barbecue, baseball, soccer, and Apple products.

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