No Longer Ashamed

No Longer Ashamed

November 22

Read: ZEPHANIAH 3:7-13

“You’ll no longer have to be ashamed of all those acts of rebellion” (v. 11, MSG).

It’s shame that binds us, isn’t it? Many of us are paralyzed by shame at the moment because despite our advances in technology and medicine, a tiny virus has waged an invisible war against us that we cannot easily win. COVID-19 has been the singular greatest prophet of our time; it has leveled the global playing field, revealing the secret thoughts and desires of our hearts and showing us that at our core, all human beings stand equally dependent before God.

God is summoning his children from the corners of the earth. He is beckoning us to engage in his mission. Let us repent of our sin as a wayward people. Jesus takes our shame upon himself and gives us a crown of acceptance. We are accepted not because we are great or successful, but because we are known and loved by God.

Dear God, we confess our rebellion, release our shame, and receive your gift of acceptance today. Help us name our shame where it still binds us and walk once again in the path of life. AMEN.

About the Author

Stephani Voland | My husband, Phillip, and I serve as Covenant global personnel in partnership with the Free Evangelical Church in Kiel, Germany. We serve on a ministry team with two other full-time pastors. I preach regularly, provide pastoral care, and serve on the prayer team, while Phillip leads our small group ministry and coordinates refugee ministries and church evangelism and outreach. We work together to provide counseling to engaged and married couples. We have three beautiful daughters, ages eleven, seven, and four, who love life in Germany. God continues to faithfully provide all we need to thrive as a family. It is a privilege to partner with God’s kingdom work in Kiel!

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