Wenrich Message Points to Hope Amid Suffering

CHICAGO, IL (November 18, 2020) – In a special video message, president John Wenrich exhorts Covenanters to continue to give thanks and praise to God, who remains faithful even amid the tragic mass spread of Covid-19.

The direct and indirect losses the pandemic has inflicted can make feeling gratitude difficult, Wenrich says, acknowledging the deep pain experienced around the world. “We lament the empty chairs around the table as a result of travel restrictions, gathering guidelines, health concerns, economic obstacles, and even the loss of loved ones who have passed in this season,” he says.

Wenrich likens the uncertainty, fear, and disorientation people feel today to that of the Israelites in the desert after they had fled Egypt. But just as God cared for them and others over thousands of years, he will continue to do so for us today, he adds.

Wenrich declares, “No matter what you’ve already endured this year, or what you may have to deal with tomorrow, we will not be shaken. God’s love for us cannot be shaken. God’s kingdom cannot be shaken because it’s an everlasting kingdom, because we know that God is good and his love endures forever.”

The seven-minute video is also available for download and can be used during services as well as shared with church members. https://vimeo.com/479985495/a016f26ef2

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