Having Ears to Hear the Difficult Word

Having Ears to Hear the Difficult Word

November 15

Read: AMOS 5:18-24

We live in a world that tends to avoid critique and looks for the positive because we do not like to deal with the difficult or admit we are wrong. This is understandable, as it can be anxiety-inducing to deal with hard words and difficult news, especially if we are complicit in the problem. In today’s reading, Amos delivers the difficult word that the day of the Lord will be dark for Israel. Unfortunately, Israel’s relative peace and prosperity under King Jeroboam II was enjoyed by few at the expense of many, and it will now lead to their downfall.

It is hard to hear that a difficult season of life is coming or already underway because of our choices. The good news is that hearing the difficult word, dropping our defensiveness, and acknowledging and repenting of our actions can be the beginning of a new season of being more intimately connected to God.

Lord, give us ears to hear the difficult word and hearts receptive to the message. AMEN.

About the Author

Nathan Salinas || I serve as co-lead pastor of Sunset Covenant Church in Portland, Oregon, where I do a bit of everything. I am married to Erin, who works as a gynecologic oncologist, and we have a three-year-old daughter, Miah, and at the time of this writing we are expecting a baby boy in September. I completed a year of seminary at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary before completing my master of divinity degree at North Park Theological Seminary. I am interested in how our theology informs our everyday living and our understanding of how the world should function. Outside of church, I serve as an adviser to the Multnomah County Sheriff, advocating for the increase of community release programs, substance recovery programs while incarcerated, and reentry services. I like to go biking, boat on the Willamette River, visit the park with my daughter, and eat out in the vibrant Portland food scene.

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