God’s Love Is Personal

God’s Love Is Personal

November 3

Read: PSALM 36:10-12

For more than ten months, life was a struggle. Blood transfusions, the constant use of oxygen, and the experience of being bound to one room of the house had become the normal routine. She was a strong mid-fifties mother and factory worker, abounding in energy and dreams. Now it was necessary to conserve energy in order to walk across a twelve-foot room and to learn gratefully how to live one day at a time. Yet during these same months there came a spiritual growth that was expressed in an inexpensive plaque now hung next to her chair. It read, “Lord, help me to realize that nothing can happen today that you and I can’t handle.” That’s true! “God and me” reveals the personal entrance of God into our lives.

In Hebrew, the verb “to know” means to be “intimately connected with.” Two people who really know each other become one. In a deep sense their identity is held in common. Their joy is the same joy. Their pain is the same pain. So to know God is to be one with God. That’s personal!

Blessed Lord, you who know me, thank you for such personal love. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Sundholm began his ministry in 1972, serving Community Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, starting as director of Christian education and eventually becoming pastor. In 1996, he began serving in the Northwest Conference of the denomination as a support to congregations and pastors, in youth leadership development, and in urban/ethnic ministries. He later served as director of Covenant World Relief, and executive director of the Paul Carlson Partnership. He wrote the following devotionals for the Home Altar in January 1985.

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