Unfailing Love for All

Unfailing Love for All

November 2

Read: PSALM 36:5-10

I’ve seen God’s love embrace an imprisoned alcoholic, a cancertormented wife and mother, my seven-year-old son, and a former prostitute. These persons and numerous others bear witness to our God’s precious, unfailing love for all persons.

When we compare the repeated use of the phrase “unfailing love” in Psalm 36, we discover the psalmist’s meaning of the term. The steadfast love of God is faithful beyond measure; it is precious as a place of refuge, and is requested to continue to persons who are intimate with God.

Have you ever watched chicks run under the wings of a hen? As many as they may be, there is always room! It is that way with God’s love. By our standards, God’s love is beyond measure. Our vocabulary cannot contain it. Such unmeasurable love is precious because it is faithfully available for us all. Rich, poor, or in the big middle; young, old, or somewhere in between; all descendents of the earth can find refuge under God’s loving wings.

Thank you, God, for extending your love even to me. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Sundholm began his ministry in 1972, serving Community Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, starting as director of Christian education and eventually becoming pastor. In 1996, he began serving in the Northwest Conference of the denomination as a support to congregations and pastors, in youth leadership development, and in urban/ethnic ministries. He later served as director of Covenant World Relief, and executive director of the Paul Carlson Partnership. He wrote the following devotionals for the Home Altar in January 1985.

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