Justice for All

Justice for All

November 1

Read: PSALM 36:1-6

When King Arthur wanted to deepen his perspective of life in England, he left his royal throne and traveled his country dressed as a pauper. King Arthur recognized his need to experience life from perspectives other than his own in order to assist his decision-making about and for the persons he led. We too need to get out of ourselves in order to see deeper into life. We judge from our own perspective.

The psalmist recognizes that bias in Psalm 36 with phrases like “sin whispers” (v. 1, NEB) in our ear and we flatter ourselves in our own eyes (v. 2). Try as we will to be fair, our perspective is always biased. In that sense our judgments are shallow. In contrast, this psalm describes God’s judgments as deep. Why? Because God loves the world and all the people of the world. God’s perspective is one which is for everyone. God’s inclusive perspective offers a fairness far beyond our predispositions. God’s desire that all might be saved reflects a depth far deeper than our multiple moments of “me-focus.”

Thank you, God, that your depth of judgment is fair and includes me. May your depth live through me and our denomination. AMEN.

About the Author

Jim Sundholm began his ministry in 1972, serving Community Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, starting as director of Christian education and eventually becoming pastor. In 1996, he began serving in the Northwest Conference of the denomination as a support to congregations and pastors, in youth leadership development, and in urban/ethnic ministries. He later served as director of Covenant World Relief, and executive director of the Paul Carlson Partnership. He wrote the following devotionals for the Home Altar in January 1985.

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