Turning Away from Idols

Turning Away from Idols

October 23

Read: 1 THESSALONIANS 1:1-10

I was a workaholic. Driven to succeed, I chased after dreams and mirages without abandon or care for myself. Work became an idol to me and I lost sight of the God who created me in his image.

Paul’s letter to the church of Thessalonica gives testament of the believers who turned from false gods to serve the living and true God. He praises their faith and dedication. It took a very sudden and disastrous life crash for me to acknowledge my misappropriated priorities. Even though it was painful, I feel as if I turned away from an idol to serve God in a healthier, more balanced, authentic way. Idols can be work, self, causes, money, possessions, or substances. When any one of those things becomes an obstacle to serving God in wisdom and truth, it is time to readjust our sights.

Lord, help me to be wise in how I live my life. I am open to your voice and instruction on living in a way that glorifies you and allows me space for worship, reflection, and meditation on you. AMEN.

About the Author

Jill Riley /// I am a minister, writer, and church planter living in Billings, Montana. I also serve as an editor-at-large for the Covenant Companion. I am the mother of four grown children and two special kids-in-law. And I am now a grandmother to one precious baby girl who will be the recipient of many knitted and quilted gifts.

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