Speak of His Salvation

Speak of His Salvation

October 18

Read:PSALM 96:1-9

Words are my business. As a writer and accomplished over-talker, I use many words throughout the day. But like most people, I can spend my time talking about my life, using oceans of words that amount to nothing. When I read Psalm 96 I am reminded to talk about things that matter, praising the Lord and speaking of his salvation day after day.

Life is a journey meant to be celebrated and acknowledged, but as believers, if we don’t acknowledge the source of life it’s meaningless and lacks spiritual root. Let us speak of the Lord often and regularly celebrate the wondrous grace of salvation.

Lord, I’m reminded today of your goodness and of how worthy of praise you are. Thank you for your sacrifice and salvation. I give you all the glory for the wonderful works you have done. AMEN.

About the Author

Jill Riley /// I am a minister, writer, and church planter living in Billings, Montana. I also serve as an editor-at-large for the Covenant Companion. I am the mother of four grown children and two special kids-in-law. And I am now a grandmother to one precious baby girl who will be the recipient of many knitted and quilted gifts.

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