Living by the Spirit

Living by the Spirit

October 8

Read: MATTHEW 19:16-22

Over the course of my life, I’ve experienced many different teaching and leading styles. There was Mr. Anderson, who always hovered and helped. There was one man who used anger to gain compliance. Then there was Dr. Huseboe, who taught the value of a team that valued “we” over “me.” For those who eagerly jumped in to support the team without waiting to be told what was needed, she was always quick with encouragement.

I will always remember the culture of service Dr. Huseboe created. It wasn’t forced. We worked hard, had fun, and accomplished much. We became selfless and oriented toward others.

This passage reminds us that it’s the same with God. When we give freely as it has been given to us, well done.

Are you living by the letter or are you living by the Spirit?

Holy Spirit, open our eyes and hearts for others. Help us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices. AMEN.

About the Author

Mike Hotz /// I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I serve as pastor of community life at First Covenant Church of Saint Paul. I am also a spiritual director seeking to help others to more deeply experience God in their lives. In addition to serving God, what I love most in life is my family, bicycling, and photography. My idea of a perfect day would start with some form of physical activity outdoors and finish with friends and family engaged in conversation around a meal.

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