No Barriers

No Barriers

October 7

Read: MATTHEW 19:13-15

Jesus had a reputation for healing and restoring people to wellness, particularly children. Remember Jairus’s daughter in Mark 5 and Luke 8? Jairus was willing to risk his standing and power in the synagogue so that Jesus would come and heal his daughter. No one would have dared stand in Jairus’s way as he came through the crowd to approach Jesus. Jesus went with Jairus because he had compassion on him.

But what if you are powerless and lack social standing? What if you can’t get close to the one who can heal? Who is kept on the margins? Who’s going to make a way when none exists?

Jesus—that’s who. For those who desire to be in his presence, Jesus makes a way and makes the time. Powerful or powerless, Jesus hears our cries and says, “Don’t be afraid.” And he tells those who stand in the way, “Don’t stop them!”

Precious Jesus, thank you for responding to our cries and eliminating any barriers to your loving care. AMEN.

About the Author

Mike Hotz /// I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I serve as pastor of community life at First Covenant Church of Saint Paul. I am also a spiritual director seeking to help others to more deeply experience God in their lives. In addition to serving God, what I love most in life is my family, bicycling, and photography. My idea of a perfect day would start with some form of physical activity outdoors and finish with friends and family engaged in conversation around a meal.

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