Culture or Rulebook?

Culture or Rulebook?

October 6

Read: EXODUS 20:8-17

In many ways the Ten Commandments are the basic minimum for human interaction and life together. Of course, they cover some pretty big areas of human obedience, interaction, and behavior, but on their own, they may seem a little thin. As humans, we can be very creative in how we interpret rules and regulations. We are experts at finding loopholes and exceptions.

What if these commandments have less to do with legislating our behavior and more with creating a culture of shalom? Shalom isn’t just the absence of conflict; it is the presence of wholeness. What if we had a cultural ethic of rest, respect, nonviolence, commitment, charity, witness, and contentment? What if we lived our lives embodying these kingdom ethics of shalom? Where could we start?

Dear Jesus, thank you for teaching us how to embody the ethics of shalom. Help us to remember that your commandments are more than a set of rules to follow you. Show us the kind of culture we are to promote. AMEN.

About the Author

Mike Hotz /// I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I serve as pastor of community life at First Covenant Church of Saint Paul. I am also a spiritual director seeking to help others to more deeply experience God in their lives. In addition to serving God, what I love most in life is my family, bicycling, and photography. My idea of a perfect day would start with some form of physical activity outdoors and finish with friends and family engaged in conversation around a meal.

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