One Degree

One Degree

October 5

Read: EXODUS 20:1-7

With all our technology, it’s hard to get lost these days. All we need to do is enter our starting point and destination, and our device will very likely deliver us to our destination.

Have you ever thought about plotting a course using a wilderness survival compass? What would happen if your compass was one degree off? If you’re one degree off for a mile, that means a ninety-foot miss. If the journey is sixty miles, you will miss its target by a full mile. Depending on the situation, the error could have life or death consequences for you and your traveling companions.

Now imagine how much more this is true if you orient your life based upon directions given by a false god. Not only will you end up a long way from your destination, it will also have an impact on all who look to you for guidance.

Holy God, thank you for being a perfect compass on our journey of life and for forgiving us when we get off course. AMEN.

About the Author

Mike Hotz /// I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I serve as pastor of community life at First Covenant Church of Saint Paul. I am also a spiritual director seeking to help others to more deeply experience God in their lives. In addition to serving God, what I love most in life is my family, bicycling, and photography. My idea of a perfect day would start with some form of physical activity outdoors and finish with friends and family engaged in conversation around a meal.

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