God Is Serious

God Is Serious

September 21

Read: EXODUS 12:1-14

God laid out the final plan of escape for the Israelites. Each step was deadly serious. The smell of fresh lamb’s blood filled their nostrils as they brushed the thick, scarlet fluid over the outside lintels and doorposts of their homes. Shutting the door, they held their children close and waited for God to act.

My husband and I spread this same message of redemption to our children and their friends as they grew up around us. “Listen to what God says,” we encouraged. “Escape!” we said. “Accept the sacrifice of the lamb of God—please.”

The final judgment has not come, so there still is time, but the time of living in our home is well past. Some children join us, some wander, but in the end our hope is in that blood shed for us all.

Only Jesus saves.

We lift all our children and grandchildren to you, O Lord. You are the place of safety and refuge. We praise your holy name. AMEN.

About the Author

Rhonda Egging recently moved from Sösdala, Sweden, to Mount Vernon, Washington. She and her husband, Kent, are serving as traveling missionaries to Russia from Washington through the Covenant.

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